How do we know what we really want to do in life?

I think it’s a common question…At least I often asked myself this question. But what we have to do when we are in doubt concerning the answer?

We weren’t always the grown ups we are today. Once upon a time we were just kids learning to walk, talk and find our way in this world. Once upon a time we had the imagination to dream and to feel in our hearts what we really wanted to do. But something happened along the way. The necessities imposed upon us and the prejudices society taught us made us think differently. We lost touch of the child within us, the child who knew how to dream and to believe in that dream. So now what we should do? Maybe we should think everything is possible, as when the time we believed in magic and fairytales.

I remember that I wanted to become a fashion designer, or a veterinarian. Over time I changed my mind but yet this things are still present in my life in one shape or another.

God has implanted upon our own hearts the desires that would truly make us happy. These are the things that will guide us in our journey. These are the things that will shed its light in our path where there were only shadows and uncertainties before. We must discover the deepest desires of our hearts. For it is such desires that if fulfilled can really make us happy and complete.

In my opinion we have to feel that we enjoy what we are doing in lifeto feel passion and interest for that thing or things…we must choose only what bring us fulfillment … If a doctor hasn’t passion for medicine he will do it for the sake of money and will do it poorly… and so on, so we must investigate and study our passions seriously …

Once I have explored my many interests, I learned to discern which of these things will delight me only for a time, and which of these things will give me joy forever. And beacuse I had the courage to make the first step in fulfilling my dream, right now I’m busy working on it.

So I think it’s important to rely on our instinct and do what we think it fits. It will be good in the end. And trying more things we have more experience and we will be better in our area that we’ll choose! So good luck! 🙂

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