♬ ♬ Music…what is music? ♬ ♬

What is music … music definition would be this: „Music is an art that expresses feelings and attitudes with sounds” or music is  „the art of arranging tones in an orderly sequence so as to produce a unified and continuous composition”. So, music has no specific definition, but  each person gives music  his own definition. For some, music can mean relaxation, a business, an art, a way of escape from everyday life, a friend or many other things.

I wonder if there is such a thing as a good addiction, because I am addicted to music. Without music, my day is completely empty and boring. I can’t imagine life without music . Sounds play what you feel, always find answers in lyrics. So I think that explains the ‘finding’ in certain songs. And you still have not heard the best part:  music  never  betrays!…That makes it above friends, lovers etc… A good friend told me: „Music sounds better when you’re sad”. I think it sounds good if you know its always a „pairing” with your mood.

It happens to associate songs with periods of life … And when we are listening them again it’s like memories revive … whether pleasant or painful. Some lyrics manage to pull your tears or smiles.  As for favorite song … I don’t think it can be determined… It’s highly dependent on mood.

And for some other people music means: 

“Music is what moves everyone, and without it, life would be pointless.” – D. D.

“Music is important because it can describe people, places, movies, or animals that words can’t.  Without music, the world would have a hard time understanding other things.” – B. P.

“Music is important because it helps you express yourself  in ways that you can’t with normal talking.”– S. L.

“Music is important to me because it gives me something to look forward to everyday.” – K. K.

“Music is important because it allows people to be creative and it offers more life to people.” – K. B. 

“Music is important in my life because I always have something to sing along to and relate to.  It is important to the world as a whole because it brings us together.” – A. G.

“Music is the highlight of my day!  After a rough day, I like to listen to music to lift my spirits.”– M. W. 

“Music gives you something to listen to on long drives.” – H. R.

“I think music is important because music is a way that people can express themselves and if people couldn’t express themselves there would be a lot more violence in the world.” – A. S.

“Music, without it there would be silence, less joy, and darker times.” – B. S.

 “Music puts the life and excitement into the world.  Music is a part of my everyday life, from the radio in the morning to chorus and band class at school.  Without music, I wouldn’t be who I am today. – S. P. 

 “Music is important to my life because it makes dancing and singing a lot easier.  It also makes life interesting and hardcore!” – E. C.

 “Music is important to people’s lives because it makes things better when things aren’t going right in the world.” – T. M. 

 “Music isn’t important in my life, it IS my life.  From flute, to piano, to guitar, it pretty much controls my life.  In the case of the world, it unites it with happiness and continues and tells histories of civilization.” – S. P. 

“Music is important in my life because music has cool beats, and music is fun and keeps me happy.” – R. M.

 “Music is so much a part of my life that I don’t know what I would do if there was none.  The world is greatly changed by music.  People don’t notice, but music changes people’s moods, feelings, and even their actions.” – M. H. 

“Music is very important in my life because I worship God when I play at church, and because it takes me away from doing stuff that is bad.” – K. B.

 “Without music, there would be nothing to do.  There wouldn’t be video games, TV shows, or concerts to go to.” – M. P. 

“When I am feeling bad, it helps me not feel bad.  Music is important in life because you need it for your national anthem.” – A. V. 

“Music is important in my life because I listen to it everyday.  It helps me relax.” – M. J. 

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