I’m Happy You’re My Mom

Mother! What a beautiful word! Our first word!

The first smile, first step, first word, beautiful book of stories, childhood with all its mysteries are closely related to the same person which described with words seems unreal. When we feel insecure, when we are afraid and do not have reliable help around us, when we are hungry, when we are cold, we feel we need someone to care for spiritual and bodily injuries, when we need care and love when we are alone … and we are afraid, we want there to be mother to protect us and give us what she can not in the most honest and purest love.

Probably for every child his mother is very special. But for me, my mother is more than very special, she is extra special. She has always been the best, a better mom than all the rest. Everytime when I think about all the things my mom did for me and my family, I ask myself the same question : „How can she do all these things, how it’s possible that she has so much strenght?”. All the time when I asked something from her, she never said no, even if she had to do almost the impossible to give me what I asked for. When I think there is nothing more to do concerning something…she always finds a way to show me that it’s not like that… that there is always a way to solve something.

When I was a little girl I discovered one pasion for something. I wanted to join a grup, I wanted but they told me that I’m not talented. Yes, it seems that I wasn’t talented. That day I thought that I would not be able to do anything that I want in life.  I lost my confidence so much that I was angry at life. I didn’t wanted to go to school or go out on the street. Then, do you know what did this special person (my mom) ? She convinced me that I should not give up. She asked me to try again and again. She teached me, that actually, talent means to work very much. She teach me not to surrender, not to be afraid of difficult. My mom teached me that I must seek strength in myself, not others. And now I’m here…

I will always be grateful to my parents for everything they did for me. With every thing that I do I’m trying to make my parents to be proud of me. And now I’m working on a special dream that has something to do with my mom too and I hope that one day, sooner or later I will fullfill it and you’ll be very proud of me.

You’re everything to our family, I appreciate you a lot,  and I want to say,the day we met, I was truly blessed. You’re a wonderful mother, you show that you care, there’s no better mom, on earth anywhere! And when I’ll be a mom I wanna be like you! 🙂


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