There are real women!

Hollywood a onorat-o pe  actriţa Angelina Jolie cu un Oscar onorific de prestigiu – Premiul umanitar Jean Hersholt . Jolie a fost recunoscută pentru eforturile sale în domeniul drepturilor omului, în special a refugiaților situaţi în zonele de conflict din întreaga lume.

O apreciez mult pe Angelina, deoarece datorită tuturor problemelor pe care le-a avut continuă sa fie un exemplu de femeie adevărată, fiind, actriţă, producătoare, femeie de afaceri şi nu în ultimul rând mamă.

„I came into this business young and worried about my own experiences, my own pain,” she said. „And it was only when I began to travel and look at life beyond my home that I understood my responsibility to others. And I’ve met survivors of war and famine, rape. I’ve learned what life is like for most people in this world. And how fortunate I was to have food to eat and a roof over my head, a safe place to live and the joy of having my family safe and healthy. And I have realized how sheltered I have been. And I was determined, never to be that way again.”

„I will do as my mother asked and I will do the best I can with this life to be of use,” she said. „And to stand here today means I did as she asked and if she were alive she’d be very proud, so thank you.”

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